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Metro analyses client requirements and makes recommendations on any interior services by looking at the market place. We seek all relevant local government approval and ensure that it's designs meet all fire and health and safety requirements.

Services Include

At Metro, we ensure dynamic design and flow of interior spaces as well as clean cut constructive detailing. Services we offer include:

Service Levels

Many steps are taken in order to measure success during our projects from agreeing an accurate brief and securing design approval by decision makers through to build and final handover.

During each stage total client satisfaction is attained before the process can move on.

Failure is avoided through communication between management and staff on the client side. The most valuable lesson learnt from previous experiences has been the need for participation of the end user in the design and build process. We have found the formation of a committee at an early stage in the project to be invaluable in delivering to the staff the space what they require in order to work effectively and efficiently.

Staff retention will remain high if it is consulted during the design stage. The knock on effect of this is that customers receive an improvement in service and share holders see the end result as a capital return.

We work to zero defects on our projects and design and build process. Client satisfaction is everything for our continued business growth. Any complaint would be taken seriously at all levels. The project team would take on queries directly, deal reactively and 'own' the problem until resolution is achieved.

There can be no greater measure of client satisfaction than if we get paid! We would consider it a great seal of approval on a project if we were able to photograph the finished space as well as gain permission for prospective clients to visit the space.

Mentioned in your RFP is the requirement for reports to be submitted concerning issues such as product defects and response time.

Metro will be pleased to tailor make this monthly report to indicate the performance areas of concern so that client satisfaction is assured at all times.

Design and Build ensure one cost which is the agreed tendered quote. This cost will not alter from the beginning of the project to the end, unless changes or additions are made to the original design. Therefore there is no risk of escalating costs to the client, we consume this risk.

We operate traditional methods of operation when running our sites. We also offer our clients the most competitive and fully researched construction tenders. We look to work favourably with our clients project team by providing a full procurement and programme of works, RFI sheets, CI sheets and, applications for payment schedules. We feel this helps run a fully cohesive site that is easily monitored and gives our clients and overview at short notice.

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